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214 Elfsborg Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Fotbollslag spelar i Allsvenskan, Sweden

4896 We Are Yellow Black Elfsborg Introduced in 2005, written by Hellsborg, and Elfsborg supporters band Spellista
5980 Forward Yellow Blacks Shalalalala - great sound on this one! Spellista
6025 Everyone Eats Tacos in Boras Anders Svensson are known as "taco" since it's his favourite meal. Therefore "everyone eats tacos in Borås". Spellista
6305 In Our Town Elfsborg plays football on the ground, not like other teams that just plays balls high up in the air. Spellista
6530 My Son It's ok to be gay, it's not ok to be a blue and white supporter! Spellista
10406 1904 Until Today We stand togheter for our team Spellista
10611 Forward To Victory ... Spellista
10825 We Are Elfsborg, We Crush Everything Chant where lyrics are shouted on a tannoy and repeated by the crowd Spellista
11589 Anders Svensson Is Our Midfield General Song to #8 and team captain and legend - Anders Svensson Spellista
11701 Lovely Elfsborg Old classic song by Jan Öjlers Spellista
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11727 Best In The West Song about who's the best team from west sweden Spellista
11793 Cheer On Our Team From the 40's, pronounced in a real west Swedish accent. Spellista
12144 Wag Your Hands Helsingborg Making fun of the supporters of team Helsingborgs IF Spellista
13181 Vi Som Håller På Di Gule Stora Elfsborg låt skapas under 2009 Spellista
14018 Det Regnar Det regnar, och det skiter vi i Spellista
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